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Tiffani Bacon
Xavier and I

Co-Founder, CEO, & Pediatric Physical Therapist - Kinetic Kids' Staff - pediatric therapy charlotte nc


  • Undergraduate: Virginia Tech
  • Graduate School: Elon University

Special Credentials and/or accomplishments:

I’m most proud of being a wife to Byron and a mom to my son! They mean the world to me and I’m very grateful for their sweet, genuine, and unconditional love! I’m also proud to use my professional skills to assist those in Haiti. I was one of the first physical therapists to help with rehabilitative needs since the 2010 earthquake, and subsequently received the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association Excellence in Clinical Practice Award.

What do you like most about your career choice?

I thoroughly enjoy making an impact in children’s lives and helping to empower them with the tools, motivation, and confidence that they need to thrive within their homes, schools, and communities in general.

Personal interests and hobbies:

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son, reading, running/exercising, painting, drawing, and baking chocolate chip cookies that are comparable to Mrs. Fields’ Cookies.

Theresa Greene Theresa

Medical Receptionist


I graduated with honors with an associates degree in Science from Regents College where I also served as class president.

Special Credentials and/or accomplishments:

15 years health care office management experience

Personal interests and hobbies:

I enjoy spending time with my family and love being a band and girl scout mom.

Hannah Josephson

Hannah - Pediatric Physical Therapist.jpg

PT, DPT,  Pediatric Physical Therapist


  • Undergraduate:  Luther College
  • Graduate School:Duke University School of Medicine


I contributed to research for poster presentations at the 2017 Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association, covering topics on gait interventions for spinal cord impairments and the effects of intensive rehabilitation post-stroke.

What do you like most about your career choice?

I enjoy being able to help children gain new skills, and to witness their excitement and pride once they have accomplished a new task. Children experience the world with a sense of wonder, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience that with them and help them discover even more about themselves.

Personal interests and hobbies:

In my spare time, I enjoy being involved in music, whether that is playing my bassoon, piano or singing. I also enjoy running, exploring the outdoors, and reading. 

Laura Sharpe
Laura Sharpe - PTA with Kinetic Kids.jpg

PTA,  Pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant


I attended Central Piedmont Community College, graduating from their Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

What do you like most about your career choice?

I enjoy being a part of a child's story!  Whether it's their first step, rolling, crawling, or holding their head up, every milestone is a privilege to witness and be a part of.  Our profession offers many opportunities for creativity, teaching, learning, and problem solving, which makes our treatment sessions fun and challenging.

Personal interests and hobbies:

We have three boys and many family members in Charlotte.  I enjoy spending time with my husband, my boys, and extended family.  I enjoy hosting our family celebrations in our home, and having my super club/girl time every week!  Our family visits the beach, and the mountains every year and making those memories is another passion of mine.


Byron Bacon

Co-Founder & CFO


Syracuse, NY


Virginia Tech

I have 21 years of professional experience in information technology - 13 years of them in financial services.

Sonia Our Furry Baby

Future Therapy Dog Extraordinaire  & Kinetic Kids’ Mascot

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