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Employment Opportunities at Kinetic Kids: Seasoned Physical Therapist We are looking for a seasoned pediatric physical therapist, who has both the knowledge of a skilled PT, and a genuine heart of gold. We have REALLY been looking, and hope you are the amazing individual we've searched so long for!! pediatric physical therapy book pdf, pediatric physical therapy treatment ideas, pediatric physical therapy resources

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Are You Looking For A New Employment Opportunity? 

We’re always searching for practitioners and non-licensed staff, who are innovative, fun, and simply great at what they do!  If you are:

  • Ethical;pediatric occupational therapist careers - pediatric physical therapist careers - kinetic kids inc.png
  • Easy to get along with;
  • Extremely likable by patients, their parents, and peers;
  • The type of individual that strives to do right by all that you come into contact with;
  • Always interested in learning and growing, both personally and professionally; and simply
  • The kind of person that just makes “awesome” look good, we would be very interested in speaking with you!

Note for Students:

Kinetic Kids is unable to support  ongoing, observational hours at this time.  We are, however, looking for volunteers to help with our support groups.  If you are interested, please give us a call! pediatric physical therapy exercise programs, pediatric physical therapy intervention activities, pediatric physical therapy evaluation sample

Apply Here!!

If you fit the criteria above, we would love to chat with you further!  To get more information and apply for our list of employment opportunities, please see below:

Pediatric Physical Therapist, 1-2 years experience:

Application for Pediatric Physical Therapists

Pediatric Occupational Therapist, 1-2 years experience:

Application for Pediatric Occupational Therapists

Pediatric Speech Therapist, 1-2 years experience:

Application for Pediatric Speech Therapists

Notice to All Job Applicants:  All information that you provide Kinetic Kids will only be used to pursue careers within our company.  Your information will not be given or sold to any third party and will be used for internal purposes only.  Please call our office if you have any questions:  (704) 807-5699 or email us at  Thank you.occupational therapist pediatric, occupational therapist near me, role of physical therapist near me, physical therapist pelvic floor, physical therapist outpatient, physical therapist jobs near me, physical therapist resume, physical therapist for kids, physical therapist pediatric salary, physical therapist salary 2018, physical therapist office near me, physical therapist in my area, physical therapist skills, physical therapist hiring, physical therapist license lookup, physical therapist resume examples, physical therapist with tattoos, physical therapist how long, physical therapist goals, physical therapist salary range, physical therapist youtube, physical therapist versus occupational therapist, physical therapist working conditions, physical therapist organizations, physical therapist business card, physical therapist jobs in charlotte nc, physical therapist credentials, physical therapist day, physical therapist job requirements, physical therapist names, physical therapist resources, physical therapist manager salary, physical therapist good job, physical therapist qualities, physical therapist earnings, physical therapist do, physical therapist npi number, physical therapist years, physical therapist job availability, physical therapist burnout rate, physical therapist growth

ONLY $39.99 for a

15-MINUTE Consultation! 

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