Childhood Obesity “Kids on the Move”

fighting childhood obesity

My Kinetic Kids, Inc. presents “Kids On The Move”, a specialized program that is fighting childhood obesity.


Children today are eating high processed foods and aren’t getting enough exercise and movement within their day. These 2 factors are keys to causing childhood obesity in today’s children. Childhood obesity is something that can harm your child emotionally. During their young age they want to feel confident and have fun and make new friends, but when they are dealing with childhood obesity, that can be put to a stop.

“Kids On The Move” is a program that provides opportunities for your child to achieve appropriate levels of physical activity, build endurance and improve body image. This program is focused on health, not weight.  We use a positive attitude to promote good self esteem and confidence within your child.


Who is best for this special program?

– Children who are often discouraged by having difficulty keeping up with peers, or struggling with body image.

What should they expect to pay?

– Wellness programs can be 1 on 1 sessions or groups of 2 for children with similar goals. Click here for further prices!

What are the benefits and when are they realized?

– Build Confidence, endurance, improve health awareness, self-esteem fitness level.

Be wary of

– Adult PT Offices and fitness clubs who say they work with kids, which could be an intimidating setting for kids.


Act now to see immediate results! Improve quality of life.

Give us a call NOW to build your child’s confidence as soon as possible, avoid fostering frustration, and promote a healthy lifestyle.


100% Money-Back Guarantee



ONLY $39.99 for a

15-MINUTE Consultation! 

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