Core Values Statement

Behavior & Skills We Value

What we stand for, what our employees embody, and how our services contribute to the betterment of those around us are deeply ingrained principles that guide employee behavior and company decisions and actions. We strive to bring our humanity in both our work, and personal lives.

The following collective statements are the soul of Kinetic Kids, as they reflect what our company’s management and staff are willing to live by:Core Values

  • Learning:  Getting better is our only sustainable competitive advantage.  We accept and use feedback to improve performance and strive to adapt well to change.
  • Initiative:  We will initiate change when we see things that need to be done. We embrace and drive change.  We choose to pursue growth.
  • Judgement: We strive to make wise decisions and identify root causes
  • Communication:  We listen well, but use concise speech that’s respectful.  We build open, honest, respectful relationships through communication.
  • Curiosity:  We seek to understand and broaden our knowledge base.
  • Innovation:  We yearn to re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions.  We also challenge prevailing assumptions but choose to create new ideas that prove useful.  We’re open-minded.  We do more, with less. We create both fun and a little weirdness too.
  • Courage:  We question actions that are inconsistent with values.  We say what we think, make tough decisions, and take smart risks, while being adventurous.
  • Passion:  We inspire others with excellence and care intensely about our company success.  We celebrate wins but are tenacious, while delivering WOW through service.  We are determined, but humble.
  • Honesty:  We use candor and are direct.  We choose not to be political and are quick to admit mistakes.
  • Selflessness:  We seek what is best for Kinetic Kids, Inc. and are ego-less when searching for the best ideas.  We help colleagues and share information, while building a positive team and family spirit.

Do You Have The Characteristics Mentioned Above?  

If you do and feel that you'd be a good fit for Kinetic Kids, we would be interested meeting with you!  

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Application for Pediatric Occupational Therapists

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Application for Pediatric Speech Therapists 

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