Facility - Photos of Our Sensory Gym!

Photos of Our Facility

Please enjoy these photos below that features a portion of our facility:

Photos of the clinic.jpg

Have You Ever Wondered Whether or Not Your Child Would Benefit From a Sensory Gym?

This blog article may be helpful in answering this question: How A Sensory Gym Benefits Child Development

Still not sure?  

Well, take a look at this checklist to determine if your child may benefit from using a sensory gym.  This checklist highlights key characteristics that children with sensory impairments typically struggle with:

Download Sensory Checklist

Here at Kinetic Kids, we try to give our readers helpful, innovative, but fun blog articles to read that will empower their lives!  We've posted the following related  blog articles that we think favorably serve our families well:

We hope the information mentioned above is helpful!  Thanks for reading!

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