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It’s easy to get started with us. We offer an introductory screening at a discounted price, just so you can find out what might be causing issues with your child. If you have health insurance, the cost to you might be even less.

To get started with therapy services, please follow the steps below, then call our office at (704) 807-5699 ext. 1 to schedule an evaluation with a therapist. We will need the following:

1. A copy of the prescription from your child’s physician.
2. A copy of your insurance card(s).
3. Completed online patient history and intake forms.
4. A completed and signed copy of both our Conditions of Admissions Form and also our Credit Card Authorization Form.
5. For your reference please read our Complaint Policy here.


So much to do, and so little time!

Take a load off, unwind, and relax!  We would like to give you this free slideshare that features various yoga poses for you to perform with your little one!  Enjoy!

Yoga Poses That Help Kids Destress & Focus

We look forward to serving you and having you join our Kinetic Kids family!

ONLY $39.99 for a

15-MINUTE Consultation! 

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Bedwetting? Accidents??

We can help!  [Get your FREE eBook]bedwetting

Find out why potty accidents are now at epidemic levels and learn what you can do now, to help!  

You will learn:

  • About the connection between constipation and toileting problems
  • Why bedwetting and pediatric incontinence is so problematic by watching our informational video, and 
  • Strategies to improve your child's health!

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