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    Bedwetting is, unfortunately, very common!

    There is a link between constipation and toileting problems, which is fast becoming a growing issue for many school-aged children and their parents.  [LEARN MORE]
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    Yoga for Incontinence: Root Down to Rise Up 

    Studies have shown that by stretching and strengthening our pelvic floor, we can better control the muscles responsible for leaks and incontinence.  By incorporating stretching poses (hip openers and spine stretches) with strengthening poses (squats and glute raises) we can strengthen our pelvic floor, our practice, and the roots of our tree.
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    Nutrition for Super Pooping!

    That's right folks!  We've compiled some fun reading here!

    Eating healthy helps kids to haveTHE BEST POOPS ever that will pass through their digestive systems quickly.  If this is not happening, poops stay in your child's system and eventually will result in constipation.  


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