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10 Crossing Midline Exercises for Kids -Pediatric Occupational Therapy

March 03, 2017 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

10 Crossing Midline Exercises for Kids [Pediatric Occupational Therapy]

What is Crossing Midline?

Crossing midline is an important part of development in a child. They need it for reading, writing, and many other important school activities as well as play activities.

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What is midline? If you were to draw a line down the middle of your body, starting at the head, that is your midline. Every time you cross that line with either side of your body, that is crossing midline. Crossing midline is a skill that children can learn from infancy.

So what does it look like if your child is having difficulty crossing midline?

  • Your child may actually “get stuck” in mid-reach and have to switch hands to continue
  • They may compensate by moving their whole trunk to reach toward the opposite side.

Poor mid-line crossing will affect how your child reads (tracking with the eye from left to right) and writes (using their dominate hand across the writing page).

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10 Crossing Midline Exercises for Kids

  1. Playing cars on a large path – draw a line on a large piece of paper or make a large path on the floor with blocks for your child to drive their toy cars. Put lots of turns in the path. Encourage your child to just use one hand to drive the car.
  2. Use large (adult size) paint brushes and/or rollers and let your child paint the sides of the house with water. Encourage using one hand at a time.
  3. Play flashlight tag
  4. Wash the car – Encourage your child to use his/her dominant hand and reach in all directions. Wash the windows.
  5. Practice windmills or cross crawls (hand to opposite foot or hand to opposite knee).
  6. Wiping the table with one hand (put a light coat of shaving cream all over the table and have your child wipe it off with a wet cloth).
  7. Practice step and throwing with a water balloon!
  8. Draw a large figure eight (the number eight facing side to side, not top to bottom) with sidewalk chalk for your child and have them walk the figure eight OR draw the infinity sign and have your child trace it with their finger of their dominant hand.
  9. Set up squirt gun target practice. Use both hands on the squirt gun to try and knock over cups, wash away chalk etc.
  10. Water flowers with the garden hose using two hands.

Did You Know That ...Butterfly - yoga.jpg

... yoga is also a great way to build your child's core muscles?  Please check out our guide on yoga poses that helps kids to de-stress and focus (and great for use in school too!):

Yoga Poses That Help Kids Destress & Focus

 Reference:  http://www.growinghandsonkids.com/crossing-midline-exercises-for-kids.html

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