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10 Reasons Why Therapy Dogs Are THE Best - Autism!  [eBOOK]

September 08, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.


  1. Therapy dogs have been used for decades to help people cope with stress.

  2. Golden retrievers are often therapy pups because of their calm disposition.

  3. Other breeds that are smartypants and sweet in nature, like labs, poodles, and German shepherds, also make friendly recovery companions.

  4. And while they might not all be purebred, they all have one thing in common: a love of people.

  5. Therapy dogs have been shown to lower your blood pressure and decrease anxiety.

  6. Even if you’re not sick! More and more colleges bring in therapy dogs to soothe students’ nerves during exams.

  7. Sometimes they’re needed after natural disasters to keep stressed families company.

  8. They even help soldiers during the mobilization and demobilization process.

  9. Therapy dogs can also help mediate social interaction of children with autism.

  10. Volunteers dedicate countless months to help train pups to bring happiness to others.

Reference:  https://www.buzzfeed.com

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