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10 Sensory Friendly Holiday Activities -Pediatric Occupational Therapy

December 09, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Make your Holiday Sensational: 10 Sensory Friendly Holiday Activities  [Pediatric Occupational Therapy]

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Stomp Footprints in the Snow!

Providing your child with “heavy work” into their muscles and joints, or proprioceptive input through hopping and jumping tasks, gives your child’s sensory system calming input to help improve their attention and regulate them throughout their day!

Messy Cookie Decorating!

Allow your child to get messy by kneading cookie dough, rolling cookie dough balls, and decorating cookies with icing, sprinkles, and other textured edible décor to provide them with desensitizing or sensory regulating tactile input.

Make Peppermint Slime!

Mix together a classic slime recipe using glue, water, borax, and food coloring. This time add an extra ingredient, peppermint extract, or a scented, textured sensory experience for your child!

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Make Pretend Snow!It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.png

Mix together conditioner and baking soda for a snow-like texture for your child to play in indoors for tactile input!

Play Calming Holiday Music!

Play slow, calming background music when your child is waking up, winding down, or needs assistance in calming or with attention!

Make a Snow Globe!

Use an empty water bottle or container, draw holiday photos on the outside with permanent marker, add water in glitter inside. This will make for a calm down tool, providing your child with calming visual input when they shake up the glitter in their homemade snow globe!

Go Ice Skating!

Ice skating can be a great sensory friendly experience, providing your child with cool air on their face, vestibular input as they race across the ice, lights all around them, and auditory input from music and laughter of other’s around them!

Eat a Peppermint or Gingerbread Cookie!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.jpg

Simply providing your child with alerting flavors such as peppermint or ginger can give your child alerting or calming input

Reindeer Obstacle Course!

Have your child gallop, skip, and jump like a reindeer to provide them with lots of movement and vestibular input!

Bundle Up to Play Outside!

Bundling up prior to go outside in elastic undergarments, layers, and tight fitting coats, hats, and gloves can provide your child with proprioceptive input to their muscles and joints to work as a calming strategy throughout their day!


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Topics: Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD Strategies

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