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10 Sensory Dietary Hacks - Pediatric Occupational Therapy [SLIDESHARE]

December 01, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

10 Sensory Dietary Hacks for Superhero (Busy) Moms - Pediatric Occupational Therapy  [SLIDESHARE]

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You may notice a big difference in your toddler’s behavior and daily life whenever you are incorporating sensory experiences and breaks into their day.  With our busy lives in can be difficult to schedule in sensory breaks and take time to directly implement a formal sensory diet.  

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Suggested Strategies

Here are a few strategies for the busy mom or dad to incorporate sensory strategies and input throughout their pre-scheduled daily routine:Wonderful Mom and Son.png

  1. Use a vibrating tooth brush
  2. Crab or bear walk down the hallway from the bedroom to the bathroom
  3. Provide crunchy snacks for heavy input to jaw such as pretzels, veggie sticks, crunchy curls, etc.
  4. Play calming classical music during car rides to and from activities
  5. Use an exercise ball as a chair at the table
  6. Incorporate citrus and spicy alerting flavors into meals
  7. Use coffee straws with drinks or drink thickened liquids through regular straws
  8. Use bath foam instead of gel or soap for added texture
  9. Provide them with a “scrubby” for input during bath time
  10. Use a weighted blanket for 20-30 minutes prior to bedtime to wind down

 A Guide for Parents of Picky Eaters

If you would like practical tips on helping your helping your little one regularly eat a balanced and nutritious meal, download the brief slideshare below!

Practical Tips for Picky Eaters


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