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10 Water Play Summer Activities for Children That Will Prepare Them For School! [FREE eBook]

August 02, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Some children can be very sensitive to water play and others LOVE it! Either way making your own water park at home can be a fun and simple way to provide a safe environment for your child to experiment with water play while developing some essential skills for school.  

Here are some examples of how we use summer water play activities for kids here at Kinetic Kids, Inc:

  • Make your own water balloons to work on throwing at targets or catching.


  • Create a ‘stream’ of water with a hose to practice gross motor skills such as jumping in, over, or around.  Add hoola hoops for a bigger challenge!


  • Have races transferring water between buckets with sponges or small cups to work on coordination.


  • Water plants with a spray bottle to work on hand strength.


  • Freeze small toys in ice trays or cups and have the kids race to melt theirs the fastest!

  • Use household items such as water bottles, milk jugs, etc. to create your own water wall.

  • Experiment with bubbles.


  • Make your own slip n slide with a tarp.


  • Make a ‘bicycle, car or toy wash.


  • Have pretend or real ‘laundry day’ with old clothing or washcloths.


Therapeutic Freebie for Kids & Their Parents:  

Additional Ideas to Improve Focusing Skills

Do you need some great ideas on getting your child to focus?  Want some interesting calming supports?  We have the answers for you!!  Try making fidget balls!!  Fidget balls generally help to:

  • Keep one’s hands busy, and 
  • Allows children to better focus while completing an activity.

Learn How to Make Amazing Fidget Balls

Thanks for reading our post!  We hope this information proves useful for you! 

Until next time . . .


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