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3 Helpful Strategies for Autism in Preschool Classrooms [Psychology]

December 02, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

3 Helpful Strategies for Autism in Preschool Classrooms [Psycho-Educational Assessments,  psychology]


Would a Sensory Diet Help?

Much like your body needs food throughout the day, some children’s bodies need extra ‘sensory input’.  A “sensory diet” is a carefully designed, personalized activity plan that provides the sensory input a person needs to stay focused and organized throughout the day.


 Who benefits from a sensory diet?

All children can benefit from a sensory diet to help calm themselves and focus on activities. Children with developmental delay or any diagnosis (Autism, ADD, ADHD, SPD) benefit the most from incorporating a sensory diet into their routine.

What are activities I can do with my child?

  • Animal walks (bear, crab, dog, etc.)
  • Wheel barrel walks (walking on hands with someone supporting legs behind)
  • Swinging straight
  • ‘Messy play’ drawing with finger paints, drawing in shaving cream, playing with food
  • Carrying heavy objects for short distances (books, groceries)
  • Listening to music
  • ‘Squishes’ 
  • Push someone on a swing 
  • Blow bubbles
  • Chew gum
  • Jump on a trampoline
  • Wall push-ups
  • Place a heavy pillow on lap when reading or needing to listen to directions
  • Help with chores (carrying in groceries, carrying laundry basket)
  • Squeeze a stress ball
  • Take deep breaths 
  • Play simon says with big body movements 
  • Jumping jacks

 Interested In Having An Additional Resource?

These are just a couple activities you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine. An occupational therapist can help you develop an individualized sensory diet for your child to help them begin to learn how to self-calm.

Wondering if your child may have possibly have a sensory challenge? We've complied a brief checklist to help:

A Sample Checklist of Signs and Symptoms of Sensory Motor Challenges

. . .  and if you are like we are here at Kinetic Kids, and have a love for learning, we have even more blog articles for you!  Enjoy!!

 We hope you've found this information to be useful! Thanks so much for reading our blog post.

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