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ADHD Strategies:  An ADHD Diet [eBook]

September 28, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Food Suggested To Help Those With ADHD:  A suggested ADHD Diet

Can what you eat help attention, focus, or hyperactivity?

There's no clear scientific evidence that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), one of the most common childhood disorders, is caused by diet or nutritional problems. Certain foods may play at least some role in affecting symptoms in a small group of people, research suggests. 

Ideally, your eating habits would help the brain work better and lessen symptoms, such as:

  • restlessness or lack of focus,
  • impulsivity, and
  • hyperactivity, but they differ from person to person.  

Students with ADHD may have trouble sitting still, following directions, and completing tasks at home or school.  Although the list below ("The Good" food choices) isn't inclusive, you may try to encourage your child to eat from the following food selections most of the time to help with symptoms:


"The Bad" food choices are things that he can have but should try to keep to a minimum.  Moreover, "The Ugly" food suggestions are selections to possibly should stay away from hands down.


Overall nutrition: The assumption is that some foods you eat may make your symptoms better or worse. You might also not be eating some things that could help make symptoms better.

Some Helpful Tips:  

  • Candy is listed under The Bad and The Ugly, but certain things like dark chocolate are okay from time to time. Things like gummy bears and jelly beans are a no go.
  • For food suggestions that help increase focus, have your child eat high-protein foods for breakfast and lunch.
  • Complex carbs will aid in better sleep.

In Need of Additional Awesomesauce? 

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Want some interesting calming supports?  We have the answers for you!!  Try making fidget balls!!  Fidget balls generally help to:

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  • allows children to better focus while completing an activity.

Learn How to Make Amazing Fidget Balls

Now it’s time to say goodbye . . . 

Thanks so much for reading our post! We hope that you've found this information to be helpful! 

Until next time!!






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