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Benefits of the Human-Animal Bond

October 11, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

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Your child can work 1-on-1 with a certified therapy dog.  Each of our four-legged friends in our assisted animal therapy program is all ready to work with your child to enhance the therapeutic process. Research shows that assisted animal therapy helps children in therapy in numerous ways such as increased motivation to complete a task, confidence, attention span when working with a dog because it is much more fun, and producing a calming effect so that the child has less anxiety and fear when working towards new goals and trying new things.

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Related Awesome-Sauce About Assisted Animal Therapy

Other Benefits of Utilizing Therapy Dogs and or Having a Companion Dog

  • Pet ownership, perhaps by providing social support, lowers blood pressure response to mental stress (Allen, 2001) [7].
  • Pet owners have higher one-year survival rates following heart attacks (Friedmann, 1980, 1995) [8,9].
  • Recognizing and nurturing the connection between animals and humans has potential implications for individual stability and health, improved economic outputs and healthcare cost savings (Takashima, 2014) [10]. This conclusion was based on a number of studies.
  • Pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, may be reasonable for reduction in cardiovascular disease risk (Levine, 2013) [11].
  • Pet ownership was associated with a reduced risk for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and diffuse large cell lymphoma (Trahan, 2008) [12].
  • Human health savings of $3.86 billion over 10 years have been linked to pet ownership as related to a decrease in doctor visits in studies in Austria and Germany (Heady, 2002) [15].

Whether it is pet ownership that gives us cause to exercise, offers an antidote for loneliness, and gives us loving companions to care for, or animal-assisted interventions that improve motivation to participate in treatment and lessen worry, anxiety, and pain, we recognize that animals can influence not just our happiness but also our health.

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