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Clinic vs School Speech Therapy-Pediatric Speech Therapy  [SLIDESHARE]

March 20, 2017 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Clinic vs School Speech Therapy  [SLIDESHARE] - Pediatric Speech Therapy, Language Development, Students, Teachers, Kids

Clinic vs School Speech Therapy - Kinetic Kids-1.jpgThere are many differences between speech/language therapy in schools and in a private clinic.  The preferred setting is up to you, the parent. 

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Here are some additional blog posts that we've created here at Kinetic Kids, Inc, to help potentially address your child's speech therapy needs: 

A Helpful Guide, Just for Parents!

Here are some differences to help you decide which one is best for your child!

Area of Difference



Criteria for Qualifying

-Determined by judgement of clinician

-Use of standardized tests, along with clinical observation and parent report

-Set by district or state criteria on standardized speech and/or language testing

-Must have an adverse impact on education


Insurance or out of pocket



Therapy gym



Parent responsibility to transport to and from therapy

Child is pulled out of class to receive speech therapy

Therapy Model

-Direct Model

-Child receives undivided attention of therapist

-More practice of target skills

-Continues through summer


-Group model (potentially 1-6 children)

-Therapy discontinues over summer


Ultimate Goal

Help the child master communication goals as quickly as possible

Help the child benefit from his/her education

Parent Involvement

-Parents are often invited to participate in/observe session

-Helps parents understand child’s communication needs

-Parents provided with strategies to facilitate carry-over across all settings

-Homework sheets sent home in order to practice at home and communicate with parent

-Yearly Individualized Education Plan (IEP meeting)


-Evaluation typically scheduled within 1-2 weeks

-therapy typically begins within the following week

Can take up to 90 days



No paperwork placed in school records

Child is placed on IEP and pulled from class to attend therapy in group setting



Interested In More Speech Fun?

Download our UNO Articulation Game For /s/ & /z/ Sounds . . . for FREE!

This game is both a fun and engaging game for children who are learning to speak or for children who benefit from pediatric speech therapy services: 

Download our UNO Articulation Game For /s/ & /z/ Sounds


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