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Effective ADHD Strategies for the Classroom  [eBook]

September 28, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Effective ADHD Strategies for the Classroom That Moms and their Kids Will LOVE!



Children with ADHD don't have to struggle in school, if given some simple tools to succeed!  We've complied a quick list of items that we believe will bring the results you, your child's teacher(s), and most importantly, your little one will greatly benefit from:

Need More Information About the Items Listed Above?

Please review the following descriptions of the aforementioned items listed in the video above, in addition to where you could purchase them:

Fidget Toys

  • "Tangle" Fidget or Sensory Toy:  this is a soft rubberized material with bumpy texture provides tactile/sensory stimulation relieves stress and anxiety keeps your hands busy fidget toy
  • Fidget or Sensory Bracelet:  this fidget toy helps to provide stress relief for children with ADHD and Autism
  • Fidget Balls: great for stress relief, with improved attention for students, and easily portable
  • Soothing Marble Fidgets:  reduces stress, increases focus, and is a fun but quiet toy to use in the classroom

Suggested Lunch and Snack Selections That May Help Improve Focus


In a previous blog post, we've complied a list of wholesome foods to benefit those with ADHD, particularly children!  Please click here to read that article and get some great suggestions!

We Have Even MORE Awesomeness For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Here are some blog articles that we've previously posted here at Kinetic Kids, to help empower our families and our kids:

Want some interesting calming supports?  

We have the answers for you!!  Try making fidget balls!!  Fidget balls generally help to:

  • keep one’s hands busy, and 
  • allows children to better focus while completing an activity.
Learn How to Make Amazing Fidget Balls

Now it’s time to say goodbye . . . 

Thanks so much for reading our post! We hope that you've found this information to be helpful! 

Until next time!!


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