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Improving Hand-Eye Coordination & Building Muscle Strength Thru Art

August 14, 2015 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

by Samantha Stevenson ATR-BC

Happy children  with teacher at classroom.For many children with disabilities, the development and mastery of hand-eye coordination and muscle strength can be difficult to achieve. The process of making art to help with muscle development can also be effective for children who recently experienced a surgery and need assistance re-building gross or fine motor skills. Art therapy is an effective tool to help your child strengthen their hand-eye coordination skills and to help strengthen muscles. Through the use of art, your child will be practicing these skills and not even realize they are building muscle strength or mastering their hand-eye coordination. The creation of art is fun and engaging, therefore your child is unaware of how much work they are actually doing during the process. During the art process, your child is constantly working on hand-eye coordination and motor skills by placing color in certain areas or learning to pick up objects and transfer them paper. The art therapist may work with your child to create dot-to-dot paintings or assist them in tracing objects/shapes. Art therapists also work with a variety of shapes and sizes of materials so your child is constantly adapting to materials and changing the muscles they use on a daily basis. With these types of activities, your child is learning how to control their motor skills and improving their hand-eye coordination. This learned control will transfer to daily life skills such as using buttons, tying shoes, or hand writing.

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Tips For Parents:

• Click here to read more about How Art Therapy Can Compliment Your Child’s Other Therapeutic Services.

• Setup a FREE Art Therapy , Occupational Therapy , or a Speech Therapy Evaluation or Screen for your child.

• Join our Community Class for both Kids and their Parents. Kinetic Kids offers community art therapy workshops for families! Sign up by clicking here.

• Call us at 704.807.5699 for more information!!

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