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Practice Articulation-Speech Therapy, SPD

September 21, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

How to Practice Articulation with Your Child in an Age-Appropriate Way[Pediatric Speech Therapy, Preschoolers, Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Sensory Therapy, SPD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist, Kids with autism, Kids with ADHD, ADHD, Therapy Dog, Therapy Dogs, Oral Motor Activities, 3 Year Old Milestones, 4 Year Old Milestones, 1 year old, Childhood Disorders, Sensory Gym, Sensory Therapy, sign language, autism, dysphagia, emotions, behavior, asperger's syndrome, echolalia]   

In speech therapy, one of the key considerations of selecting appropriate articulation goals is a child’s age. Children developmentally learn how to produce certain sounds much earlier than other sounds. Children also typically learn how to produce sounds at the beginning of words earlier than in the middle or at the end of words.   pediatric speech therapy

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Age-Appropriate Sounds To Targeting

When Practicing With Your Child at Home

As some sounds are likely not yet age-appropriate, focus mainly on the age-appropriate sounds you are targeting when practicing with your child at home. Home practice will be most effective with words that are motivating for your child! Whenever you can, include the words that your child uses most: labels of favorite toys, names of family and friends, names of pets, etc.

  • At age 2, it is typical for children to produce the following sounds at the beginning of words: /b/, /d/, /p/ /h/, /m/, /n/
        • Ball, Bounce, Bam, Bee, Bed, Boo, Bye
        • Dad, Dog, Door, Done, Deer, Dance, Doll
        • Pop, Pig, Paw, Pink, Park, Pet, Pen
        • Hat, Hot, Hop, Hold, Home, Heart, Hi
        • Mom, More, My, Moo, Mouth, Moon, Mouse
        • Nap, Nose, Nice, Night, Nest, Noise, Name
  • At age 3, it is typical for children to produce the following sounds at the beginning of words: /f/, /g/, /k/ /t/, /w/
        • Fork, Fun, Farm, Fire, Phone, Four, Five
        • Go, Goat, Game, Goo, Good, Girl, Give
        • Cat, Catch, Cake, Cup, Cow, Cold, Corn
        • Toy, Top, Tub, Toe, Touch, Two, Turn
        • Want, We, Wet, Wash, Wind, Wipe, Wish
  • At age 5, it is typical for children to produce the following sounds at the beginning of words: /ch/, /j/, /l/ /sh/
        • Chips, Cheer, Child, Chicken, Cherry, Cheese, Change
        • Jump, Jet, Jar, Jelly, Juice, Joy, Jeans
        • Lamb, Light, Loud, Lizard, Lion, Little, Look
        • Shut, Share, Shine, Shoe, Shop, Shake, Shape

Reference: Speech sound norms taken from the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-2 (2000)

Interested In More Speech Fun?


Download our UNO Articulation Game For /s/ & /z/ Sounds . . . for FREE!

This game is both a fun and engaging game for children who are learning to speak or for children who benefit from pediatric speech therapy services: 

Download our UNO Articulation Game For /s/ & /z/ Sounds

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