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Practice Language When Decorating the Tree [Receptive Language]

November 23, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

How to Practice Language When Decorating the Christmas Tree [Pediatric Speech Therapy, Language Development in Children, Articulation and Receptive Language Skills, First Sound Fluency Practice]


Nothing says “Christmas” like decorating a beautiful and festive tree. It is truly one of the main symbols of the season. Whether your tree comes from the outdoors or comes from a box, decorating it with your family will give you warm memories to last a lifetime. 

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Ideas to Practice Language When Decorating the Christmas Tree

Just like with so many other seasonal activities, decorating your Christmas tree provides opportunities to expand your child’s language skills. Here are some language skills you can apply to this activity:

  • Following directions – Expand your child’s receptive language skills by providing directions for him or her to follow. Start with simple one-step directions (i.e., “Put the blue ornament on.”). If your child does well, expand the directions (i.e., “Put the blue ornament on and then put the red ornament on.”).
  • Turn taking – If you have more than one child, practice turn taking skills by having your children take turns selecting ornaments and hanging them on the tree.
  • “More/All Done” – Encourage your child to request “more” as your family is decorating the tree. When the tree is complete, encourage your child to proclaim “all done!”
  • “On/off” – Encourage practice with the concepts “on” and “off” with the Christmas tree lights. Ask your child whether the lights are “on” or “off” and see if he or she can answer. Model the correct answer if your child as difficulty.
  • Colors – Speaking of lights, if your family uses multicolor lights for the tree, encourage your child to label the different colors. Practice labeling colors with the different ornaments as well.
  • Storytelling – Many Christmas tree ornaments are sentimental as they mark the occasions of weddings, vacations, births, and much more. Tell your children the stories behind different ornaments. Ask if they can retell the stories in their own words.

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