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Shoe Tying Made Easy-Pediatric Occupational Therapy

December 07, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Shoe Tying Made Easy [Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Therapy] 

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Shoe tying can be a tricky skill for a child to master.   Most children are able to successfully and independently complete this task by age 5-6. The task itself uses many of your child’s underlying skills such as visual motor and perceptual skills, fine motor, bilateral skills, dexterity, and attention.  It can even take core strength to balance yourself in a position to tie your shoe depending on if you are in an environment to sit in a chair or not.  Practice makes perfect is the best phrase when it comes to shoe tying.

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Shoe Tyin' Basics

Repetition is always best, but if your child needs some stepping stones prior to completing this task, try building up to the actual task by building the skills needed prior and then by making the task easier, and slowly grading up.  Follow the steps below with your child to help them master this task!

1.      Trying some activities to improve the underlying skills for shoe tying.

a.      Playing games with tweezers or close pins to improve fine motor strength

b.      Puzzles and Mazes to improve visual motor skills

c.       Putting together 2 part toys for bilateral skills

d.      Finger painting to fine motor skills

e.      Spot the difference pages for visual perceptual skills

f.        Stringing beads to make jewelry or keychains for dexterity

2.      Try shoe tying off of your child’s foot with two different colored laces

3.      Try shoe tying off of your child’s foot with matching laces

4.      Try shoe tying on your child’s foot with two different colored laces

5.      Try shoe tying on your child’s foot with matching laces

TIP!  Shortening or lengthening the laces could be appropriate to assist your child in independently completing shoe tying.

Use this helpful saying! “Make an X, Under, Over, Pull Tight, Make a Tree (loop) close to the ground, the rabbit runs around the tree, under the hole, and pull his rabbit ears tight!”

Do you need some great ideas on getting your child to focus?  FidgetBalls-PediatricOccupationalTherapy.jpg

Want some interesting calming supports?  

We have the answers for you!!  Try making fidget balls!!  Fidget balls generally help to:

  • keep one’s hands busy, and 
  • allows children to better focus while completing an activity.

Learn How to Make Amazing Fidget Balls

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