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The Alert Program – Pediatric Occupational Therapy

July 22, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

by Katie Timp, OTR/L

This is a self-awareness and self-regulation program designed to increase a child’s understanding of their body’s energy level and to help regulate that energy to reach an optimal, ideal level of functioning.

Who is The Alert Program Designed for? The Alert Program

The Alert Program is designed for preschool children through adulthood and can be adapted to meet each child’s specific needs. If your child is especially active, easily distracted at school, or especially lethargic, this is the program for your child!

Throughout anyone’s day we have different states of alertness. After a big lunch, one might become lethargic and have a low state of alertness. Some children are often at a high level of alertness, resulting in the inability to pay attention at school and easily become distracted. The ultimate goal of The Alert Program is to attain an optimal state of alertness. [pediatric occupational therapy]

How Does This Program Work?

The first step is to teach children what each alert level means. Once this understanding is reached, the child is taught how to determine which alert level their body is at during certain parts of their day. Finally, the child is equipped with strategies and tools to help them meet their optimal alert level.

How Does Your Engine Run is part of The Alert Program that uses fun activities both visual and motor to allow children to self-regulate based on how low or high their alertness level is. Visuals include a stop sign to demonstrate the high, low and optimal levels with colors and pictures. The child will design a “speedometer” that can be used at school, home and throughout therapy sessions to visually show the child where their alert level is at that time. They can manually change the speedometer as their alert level adjusts following exercises and strategies.

Tips For Parents:

At Kinetic Kids, Inc, The Alert Program can be incorporated into your child’s session. The therapist will use various activities and equipment to allow your child to meet their optimal alert level through self-regulation and increased awareness of their body and how it works!

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