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Dysgraphia: The Warning Signs

December 30, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

What are the warning signs of dysgraphia? [IEP and 504  Plans, Psychological Assessments, Educational Therapy]



Just having bad handwriting doesn't mean a person has dysgraphia. Since dysgraphia is a processing disorder, difficulties can change throughout a lifetime. However since writing is a developmental process -children learn the motor skills needed to write, while learning the...

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Dyslexia [Neuropsychology]

December 14, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Dyslexia:  Will My Child Grow Out of This? [Pediatric Psychology, Orton-Gillingham reading program, Educational Enrichment Services, IEP/504 plans, Educational Specialized Services, Clinical neuropsychology]



Reading problems tend to be pretty common, so it’s interesting to learn that dyslexia is often missed! Although care must be taken before jumping into an evaluation and diagnosis,...

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