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Ways To Practice Sounds -Pediatric Speech Therapy [INFOGRAPHIC, eBook]

June 25, 2017 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Ways to Practice Speech Sounds With Your Preschooler [Pediatric Speech Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Early Language Development]

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Practicing good speech sounds with your child is essential for progress, and it does not have to be difficult to work into your daily routine.  Use the following tips below to enhance your preschooler's language development!  Also, have fun!!

Want Even More Awesome-Sauce? 

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Here are some additional blog posts that we've created here at Kinetic Kids, Inc, to help potentially address your child's speech therapy needs: 

Strategies to Practice Speech Sounds With Your Preschooler


Interested In More Speech Fun?


Download our UNO Articulation Game For /s/ & /z/ Sounds . . . for FREE!

This game is both a fun and engaging game for children who are learning to speak or for children who benefit from pediatric speech therapy services: 

Download Free UNO Articulation Game For /s/ & /z/ Sounds


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