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What do Occupational Therapists Look for in Handwriting?

September 02, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.
What do Occupational Therapists Look for in Handwriting- Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Handwriting Development 



Interested in Improving Your Child's Handwriting Skills? 

. . .  Start to Strengthen His Core!!

So how can core (trunk) strengthening exercises improve handwriting skills? Fine motor development is only possible if core strength and stability is present. In order to effectively control arm movement, your child’s trunk muscles must be strong, stable, with good overall tone. Once his or her core muscles are strong, both you and your child will find that coordinated, precise movements are so much easier to do because of having a strong, solid base!

Tips for Parents:Child having fun at a playground

If you would like to give your child that little extra something to assist in his or her handwriting skills, encourage your child to engage in a lot of unstructured play time, either out- or indoors. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Get outside. Your family may enjoy spending some time at your local park, playing on the jungle gym. Enjoy this wonderful outdoor weather and get moving!
  • Today’s sedentary lifestyle is hurting us. Don’t allow your child to sit in front of a television, computer, etc. to extended periods of time. Kids (and adults alike) were made to move. With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the need for more formal therapies (physical, occupational, speech, and art) is growing rapidly.
  • Playing all of those group games during recess when you were a child, actually had value. A friendly game of tag, kick ball, dodge-ball, tennis, etc., all helps to work the core, in addition to enhancing one’s endurance levels.
  • Have your child workout without realizing it. Your child might also enjoy playing on a sensory gymnasium, which increases both fine and gross motor abilities due to all of the wonderful components it has to offer: zip lines, monkey bars and rings, ball pits, slides, rock climbing walls, multiple swing attachments, and so on.
  • Get extra help if need be. If additional help may be needed, consider having your child see: (1) an occupational therapist for a formal evaluation, with specialized treatment activities that addresses and improves on handwriting abilities; and (2) a physical therapist for a formal evaluation to help increase core strength for better overall function.

Did you know...yoga for kids - pediatric therapy - bedwetting stories

... that yoga is a great way to build your child's core muscles?  

Please check out our guide on yoga poses that helps kids to de-stress and focus (and just in time for school too!):

Yoga Poses That Help Kids Destress & Focus


We thank you for reading our blog article!!  We hope that you've found this information to be helpful.

Unfortunately, it's time for bid you adieu for now though . . .  until next time . . . 

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