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Winding your Child Down for Bedtime [Anxiety]

February 03, 2019 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Winding your Child Down for Bedtime [Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Sensory Therapy, Screen Time, Bedtime for Sniffles]



Sleep is an important occupation in your child’s everyday life. Sleep is more than just the actual snoozing your child may or may not do during the time the sun is down, but also consists of resting and naps, preparing for sleep, and then the actual act of sleeping itself.  These activities put together are a large daily task or occupation that should be put into a routine and habit for your child.  

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Recommended Hours of Sleep Given Age of Child

Even if your child is following through these components, is the quality of their sleep consistent? And how much sleep should your child really be getting between the night and including naps? Recommendations are listed below:

  • 1-4 months old recommends at least 15 hours a day
  • 4-12 months old recommends 14-15 hours a day
  • 1-3 years old recommends 12-13 hours a day
  • 3-6 years old recommends 10-12 hours a day
  • 7-12 years old recommends 10-11 hours a day
  • 12-18 years old recommends 8-9 hours a day

Tips For Parents:  Help Your Little One Wind Down

Winding down your child and the “sleep preparation” component can often be the difficult part! Below are recommendations to help your child wind down for sleep or sleep more thoroughly throughout the night.

  • Roll up really tight in a blanket
  • Take a warm bath with bubbles, low lighting, and calming music
  • Participate in bedtime stories while tucked in tight in bed
  • Use weighted blankets prior to bedtime or to fall asleep with (remove after your child is sleeping)
  • Using a white noise machine
  • Using a soft helmet for children who bang head during or prior to sleep
  • Encourage your child to stay in bed by providing check-ins and warnings that it is time for bed
  • Discuss with your child that the bedroom is a safe place
  • Give your child a security object
  • Discussing your child’s fears about the daytime vs. the night time to ease their anxiety

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Here's the first of a series of eBooks that we've created that focuses on turning popular board games into therapy games.  The series will include board games that are common, affordable, easy to use, and easy to find.  In this eBook, we feature the JENGA game!  You will learn to use this game in a variety of practical and therapeutic ways for:

  • Improved social skills,
  • Better communication skills,
  • Enhanced anger control, and
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence.

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