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Writing Letters to Santa  [Expressive Language, Speech Therapy]

November 23, 2018 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

Writing Letters to Santa  [Expressive Language, Pediatric Speech Therapy, Expressive Language Delay, Pediatric Occupational Therapy] 


A fun tradition for many families this time of year is to write letters to Santa Claus requesting toys and goodies. If your child is young, perhaps you write the letter as he or she tells you what to write. However, if your child is school-aged and writing, encourage your child to write his or her own letter to Santa.

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Have Jonathan or Sally find a pen or pencil and write that letter to Ol' St. Nick!

Writing Letters to Santa

This is not only a jolly activity but a great way to practice writing skills. Here are some different aspects to focus on and help your child with during this activity.

  • Greeting – Remind your child that it is polite to start letters with a greeting and direct them to begin this letter with a friendly “Hello Santa” or “Dear Santa.”
  • Capitalization – Remind your child that particular words should start with a capitalized letter. These include names and the first word of every sentence.
  • Punctuation – Remind your child that every sentence should end with a period or exclamation point. Otherwise, Santa would not be able to tell when one sentence ends and when the next one begins.
  • Complete Sentences – Rather than just listing desired presents (video game, bike, etc.) encourage your child to write out complete sentences with subjects, verbs, and adjectives. For example, “I would like a new video game and a blue bike, please.”
  • Neat Handwriting – Encourage your child to be as neat as possible with handwriting so the letter will be legible for Santa to read. This includes nicely written letters and enough spacing between words. 
  • Farewell – Just like it is polite to start the letter with a greeting, remind your child that it is also polite to end it with a farewell. Encourage your child to end the letter with a “Love,” “Sincerely,” or “Merry Christmas” followed by his or her name. 

And most importantly…. remember to put a stamp on the envelope so the letter will get to the North Pole on time! 

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