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If your child is demonstrating any 3 of these symptoms, there could be something wrong.

  • Over sensitive to lights, sounds, touch, smells, or other people
  • In constant motion (in everyone else’s face and space, etc.)
  • Frequent or long temper tantrums
  • Weak
  • Clumsy (poor motor skills)
  • Difficulty dressing, eating, grooming, sleeping, and/or toilet training
  • Difficulty making friends

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Bedwetting? Accidents??

We can help!  [Get your FREE eBook]bedwetting

Find out why potty accidents are now at epidemic levels and learn what you can do now, to help!  

You will learn:

  • About the connection between constipation and toileting problems
  • Why bedwetting and pediatric incontinence is so problematic by watching our informational video, and 
  • Strategies to improve your child's health!

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