Sensory Integration Therapy/Sensory Therapy 


Some signs & symptoms of a possible motor or sensory challenge:

  • Overly sensitive to touch, movement, sights, or sounds.
  • Under-reactive to sensory stimulation.
  • Activity level that is unusually high or unusually low.
  • Coordination problems.
  • Delays in speech, language, motor skills or academic achievement.
  • Poor organization of behavior.
  • Poor self concept, low self esteem.
  • Clumsiness, awkwardness of movement.
  • Trouble chewing, sucking, blowing, and/or making certain speech sounds.

How Sensory Therapy Can Help Children:

Use of a Sensory Gymnasium: Provides Structured Play (Sensory Therapy) for Kids With and Without Disability

Kinetic Kids, home of Charlotte’s first sensory gym, provides a structured environment for children with and without special needs.  Our sensory gymnasiums help all children, regardless of whether or not they have a disability, to develop their sensory, 
communication, gross and fine motor skills (Dean, 2015). In addition to providing health and fitness benefits of a regular gym, sensory gyms also enhance 
a child’s self-esteem and social skills.


 Interested In Having An Additional Resource?

These are just a couple activities you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine. An occupational therapist can help you develop an individualized sensory diet for your child to help them begin to learn how to self-calm.

Wondering if your child may have possibly have a sensory challenge? We've complied a brief checklist to help:

A Sample Checklist of Signs and Symptoms of Sensory Motor Challenges


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