Sports Specific/Strengthening Program

Essence of this Program:

– We will look at the physical requirements of your child’s sport and gear a program toward his/her deficits.

Who is best for this program?

– The child struggling or becoming frustrated during sports, or the child who wants to improve sport performance.

What should they expect to pay?

– Cash-based wellness package involving art therapy, massage, yoga, pilates, acupuncture, and laser treatment. Click here for further prices!

What are the benefits and when are they realized?

– Improved sports performance within 20 sessions seeing your child excel.

Be wary of

– Adult PT Offices who say they do pediatrics. Other places have new graduates treating your kids.


Do you want your child to excel in his/her sport? Do you want to build their confidence? Act now from keeping your child from getting frustrated!

Give us a call NOW to build your child’s confidence as soon as possible, avoid fostering frustration, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

schedule100% Money-Back Guarantee
ONLY $39.99 for a

15-MINUTE Consultation! 

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