T. L. Polly

Charlotte, North Carolina

Robin is wonderful and she’s worked with both of my kids! They absolutely love her and their being comfortable with Robin is very important to me!  I’m very happy that we found Kinetic Kids because my children have made and continue to make great progress!  Collectively, Kinetic Kids is a class act!  We LOVE working with you all!!

Amber Meadows

…Danielle Rubeo was fantastic.. You guys are lucky to have her on your team!”

Shannon Bess

Shelby, North Carolina

What I can say about Tiffani from Kinetic Kids, words cannot describe. I’m impressed with the services that she provides for my son. By me being new to this world of spina bifida, she has been very patient with not just my son but me, and my husband as his parents. We could not ask for a better physical therapist.”


Mrs. Kim Conner

Lawndale, North Carolina

I have been bringing my child to Tiffani for the past several months and cannot say enough good things about her personally and professionally. She is very knowledgeable in her field especially in recent research and discovery. She is always so great to explain answers to all my questions. She has a great joy and enthusiasm about her that my child responds to positively. My child has developed physically more and more with great hopes of crawling soon. We are very thankful to have found Kinetic Kids and Ms. Tiffani.”

Ms. Debra Worth

Charlotte, North Carolina

I can say Kinectic Kids "gets it".   My child has challenges related to sensory processing, and autism. Consults are one-on-one; I like that! Confidentiality is taken seriously here.   His OT (Abbey Gudek, OTR/L)  is exceptional. Her patience, professionalism, and kindness...outstanding. She understands his needs, and communicates goals and the therapy tool(s) used at each visit. After prior attempts at OT we are fortunate to have found Kinectic Kids.

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