Nocturnal enuresis

 Wetting the bed (also known as “Nocturnal Enuresis) can have negative effects on your child emotionally and psychologically if not addressed.

Some children need assistance when suffering from bowel and bladder dysfunction. Kinetic Kids special program helps children with difficulty in controlling their bowel and bladder by enhancing core and pelvic floor muscle strength to improve control and confidence.

Who is best suited for program?

Older children (ages 5-14+ years), who have:

  1. Accidents in their beds at night (Nocturnal enuresis),
  2. Difficulty controlling their bladder and bowel at night.
  3. Children who have been traumatized and abused.

What is the cost?

This program is covered by most major insurance plans. Click here to see a full listing!

We also offer affordable payment plans and financial hardship discounts to those no insurance or high deductible plans.

Other community-based programs that help with overall confidence and health (such colon massages, yoga, Pilates, and general rehabilitative group services) are also offered. Click here for further prices!

What are the benefits and when are they realized?

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Improved ability to make and keep friends
  • Enhanced self-determination and respect skills
  • Better quality of life with a more favorable outlook
  • These benefits would begin to be realized within 6 to 8 weeks (of services given HEP compliance).

Be wary of…

  • A sense of incomplete emptying after using the restroom
  • Breathing problems that contribute to problems using the bathroom
  • No desire to go ‘#2’ at all
  • Voiding 3 or less than 3 times per day
  • A weak stream of urine while using the restroom
  • Your child having difficulty controlling his or her bladder by age 5 years (Nocturnal enuresis)

Why should you act now and NOT it off?

  • It’s important to stop dysfunctional habits from getting stronger.
  • You will learn about the kind of foods best suited to promote a healthy bowel and bladder
  • Be empowered with awareness and greater understanding of symptoms so that you can better help your child

Incentives for ACTING NOW!

  • Help your child avoid the psychological embarrassment associated with this problem.
  • For a limited-time we are offering an introductory special to get screened. Bonus:  Get self-help tips and “things to do at home”!

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  • how the bladder works,
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Help Your Child Overcome Incontinence Using These Suggestions

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