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    Open Gym Fun!



    More Open Gym Fun!



    Triggers for Autism and SPD - Kinetic Kids Inc 

    Can Someone With Autism Spectrum Disorder Still Lead A Successful Life? 



    Pediatric Therapy Solutions for ADHD, Autism and Developmental Delay 



    A Tribute to The Greatest



    Effective ADHD Strategies for the Classroom That Moms Will Love! 



    Screen Time Limiting Apps 



    Animal Walks: Great Ideas For Parent To Use At Home [Pediatric Therapy ]



    A Fireside Chat: Sensory Feeding 



    Fun Ways to Improve Core Strength [Pediatric Therapy]



    Did You Know That ...

    ... yoga is also a great way to build your child's core muscles, which will improve balance skills?  Please check out our guide on yoga poses that helps kids to de-stress and focus (GREAT resource for school too!):

    Yoga Poses That Help Kids Destress & Focus


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    15-MINUTE Consultation! 

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    Bedwetting? Accidents??

    We can help!  [Get your FREE eBook]bedwetting

    Find out why potty accidents are now at epidemic levels and learn what you can do now, to help!  

    You will learn:

    • About the connection between constipation and toileting problems
    • Why bedwetting and pediatric incontinence is so problematic by watching our informational video, and 
    • Strategies to improve your child's health!

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