Yoga Class Descriptions:  Menu of Options [Yoga for Kids]

Kinetic Kids, Inc.’s Menu of Yoga Class Descriptions [Yoga for Kids, How to Stop Bedwetting, Pediatric Therapy]

Kinetic Kids Menu of Yoga Class Descriptions.jpgBelow is a list of wellness activities for you and your child to enjoy!

Class Descriptions:Circle of Life Yoga.jpg

Circle of Life:  A great class for new or seasoned yoga kids! Poses with animal names are paired with some of our favorite children’s music. A gentle flow to develop a strong yoga foundation. Recommended as a first class for all students and for those new to yoga.  Recommended Ages: 5 and up.

Storytime Yoga.jpgStorytime Stretch: Love books and stories but want to Yoga too? This class will incorporate children’s stories as a part of the yoga sequencing. A perfect way to grow young minds assisted by the power of yoga! Poses will focus on building flexibility and deep-stretching.  Recommended Ages: 4-7.

Star Wars Yoga.jpgStar Wars Strength: In a galaxy far, far away…. There is Star Wars Yoga! Grab your lightsaber and learn to tone your core in this challenging class. A more intense power yoga flow to strengthen your body and save the universe! Recommended Ages:  7 and up.

butterfly yoga - kinetic kids.jpgThe Butterfly: Spread your wings in this restorative class finished with a guided meditation. Deep stretching poses will be held longer to achieve maximum flexibility, with a focus on hip-openers and toning lower body muscles. Ending in guided meditation will surely prepare you for your next flight! Recommended Ages: 4 and up.

Glow Flow Yoga.jpgGlow Flow Fit: Learn to shine bright! Use our glow gear to light up the studio in this fun class. Foundational poses and flows are paired with Top100’s music to improve balance, coordination, and range of motion. Glow gear will be provided but feel free to bring your own! Recommended Ages 5 and up.

Hip Hop Yoga-1.jpgHip Hop Hooray: Come get down with us as we bust out some challenging poses to the tune of our favorite beats! A fun way for all yoga kids to challenge themselves. Poses will build on foundations of yoga and offer the opportunity to build deeper into the pose. Recommended Ages: 7 and up.

chair yoga.jpgChair Yoga: All the benefits of yoga… from a chair! A great class for those building into their balance and range of motion. All poses will be with performed with the assist of a chair. Learn to engage core muscles in the simplest of stretches. Recommended Ages: 5 and up.

Mommy and Me Yoga.jpgMommy and Me: Use your ‘Mommy Muscles’ in this partner class to tone up and strengthen your maternal bond. Mother and Child will practice partner poses and assist each other with going deeper throughout a playful deep stretch. Recommended Ages: 5 and up. 

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